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HY-C Company
Fire Chief Wood & Coal Furnace

Made in the USA

Fire Chief Wood & Coal Burning Furnaces Are Made In The USA

Our Indoor and Outdoor Wood Furnaces are Proudly Made In The USA!


Fire Chief Industries
10950 Linpage Place
St. Louis, Mo.  63132
800 875-4788
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Great Prices On our outdoor wood home heating units and the Fire Chief wood and coal indoor or outdoor furnaces

Great Prices On Wood Furnaces 

Our wood furnaces help the environment:

When fuels burn they release carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. Burning fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas is like pumping carbon dioxide from the center of the earth into the atmosphere – a one-way trip. Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow. When wood home heating units burn, the carbon dioxide is released, only to be absorbed again by young trees. Because trees recycle carbon dioxide, wood burning just warms you, not the globe.

No More Discomfort of an Empty Wallet :

The big, centralized energy sources are very expensive to operate .  Conventional heating systems hurt the wallet,  Fire Chief is a great value for wood home heating units and the Fire Chief  furnaces will keep you warm, cozy and safe.   See Dealer Locator  for Great Prices on Wood Furnaces.

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